Careers in design

What’s it like to be a professional designer?

Digital STEAM Workshop asked design professionals this question on camera − and their answers reveal common themes. They love what they do, even when creative challenges require them to solve tricky problems. No one aims to fail, but a failed design is a key step toward an innovative solution. Design innovation isn’t just a sudden flash of genius − it takes teamwork and software skills to share their vision with their team and clients.

Robert Cumings, Chief Executive Officer, Freiezo
Robert Cumings is the Founder and Chairman of Freiezo. An inventor for over thirty years, he has received several patents. Bob graduated from Hutchinson Technical Institute in 1977 with a degree in Nondestructive Testing and Quality Assurance. He worked for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing for twenty years prior to starting Freiezo. His expertise ranges from design and fabrication of tools, machines, and equipment to solution definitions for large-scale manufacturing processes.