The creative power of Digital STEAM

Gaming, texting, and browsing in class... happens all the time, even to the best teachers. Secondary students often seem more interested in mastering the latest technology than in covering the basics of the arts, math, and science. But today's Digital STEAM Workshop helps you stay a step ahead of your students. Instead of interrupting classroom learning, digital media will become your ally in real-world design challenges that capture students' attention - and support Common Core education in language arts and mathematics and Next Generation Science education.

Learning objectives

Part 1: Getting creative with Digital STEAM
40 minutes

Part 2: Defining your student design challenge
30 minutes
Part 3: Enhancing teacher software skills
60 minutes

  • Explore how the arts interact with the sciences in STEAM education, giving students a global competitive advantage.
    [10 minutes]

  • Learn how to enrich lesson plans with digital media.

    [10 minutes]

  • Learn the basic purpose and classroom relevance of 9 professional Autodesk software programs.
    [10 minutes]

Prerequisites: none required
Target audience: educators, parents, mentors
Subject: architecture, arts, animation, engineering, humanities, math, science, social Science, technology
Completion time: 2 hours 10 minutes (not including optional 20-minute break between parts 2 & 3)
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