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Bring learning to life in your classroom

Common core lessons jump off the page with fun 3D design challenges from Digital STEAM.

Create original 3D designs with Digital STEAM’s project based learning challenges—and spark student interest in the arts, math and science.

Boost academic standards with Digital STEAM

Digital STEAM design challenges are created by Autodesk’s network of expert educators, designers and student alumni to boost Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art (STEAM) curriculum. Each project delivers measurable results aligned with US Common Core Standards, College and Career Readiness, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In little as 1.5 hours, students learn key subject-matter knowledge, useful vocabulary and practical skills using free Autodesk design software.

Take 3 steps to classroom success with Digital STEAM

1. Score free design software—no experience required

Just choose your design challenge, and Autodesk provides the free software and step-by-step tutorial videos you need to get started. Anyone can master Autodesk’s professional creative tools – check out Digital STEAM’s gallery of projects by teens and teachers, all made with free Autodesk design software.

Already know what Autodesk design software you’d like to learn? Download free design software for teachers at The Academic Resource Center (ARC).

2. Get complete common core classroom resources

Digital STEAM your way through Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art common core curricula with step-by-step projects you can customize for your classroom. Choose your design challenge, and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide includes all the classroom resources you need for project-based learning success: lesson plans, worksheets, tests and rubrics.

3. Share your success with schools worldwide

Give your students the recognition they deserve for their designs: upload your class projects to the Digital STEAM Gallery, and share your Digital STEAM design inspirations via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To help Digital STEAM raise classroom standards worldwide, share your feedback or contact us with suggestions.