The creative power of Digital STEAM

Pick up Autodesk design smarts to conquer Digital STEAM challenges—and stay a step ahead of digital-savvy students—in this free, two-hour online workshop for teachers. Completion time: 2 hours 10 minutes (not including optional 20-minute break between parts 2 & 3)

Part 1

Getting Creative with Digital STEAM


[Total: 40 minutes]

  • Explore how the arts interact with the sciences in STEAM education, giving students a global competitive advantage.
    [10 minutes]
  • Discover how digital media tools can reinforce Common Core and College and Career Readiness Standards.
    [10 minutes]
  • Apply project-based learning to make key lessons meaningful and memorable – and support new global education reform initiatives.
    [10 minutes]
  • Incorporate design thinking into classroom challenges to achieve better student results.
    [10 minutes]

Part 2

Defining your student design challenge


[Total: 30 minutes]

  • Learn how to enrich lesson plans with digital media.
    [10 minutes]
  • Explore Autodesk Digital STEAM challenges and select one to complement your curriculum.
    [20 minutes]

Part 3

Enhancing teacher software skills


[Total: 60 minutes]

  • Learn the basic purpose and classroom relevance of 9 professional Autodesk software programs.
    [10 minutes]
  • Acquire 5-10 key skills in selected Autodesk design software, including basic features, terminology, and commands.
    [50 minutes]