Software Tutorials & Certification

Autodesk® Digital Study Packets cover everything you need to know to pass the Autodesk® Certified User Exam with flying colors. These handy, free references also allow busy teachers to introduce new software to students quickly—without having to become software experts first. Pro tip: design professionals use Digital Study Packets to refresh specific skill sets, and as cheat sheets when working on projects.

Once you’ve learned the secrets of design professionals with free Autodesk software tutorials, get credit for design software smarts with certification. To see what you’ll need to know for certification, check out the Autodesk® Certified User Skills and Digital Study Packet.

About the certification exam

Teachers can administer the Autodesk® Certified User Exam easily with free Autodesk® Digital Study Packets, and students who pass earn a global professional credential recognizing their mastery of Autodesk® software. This industry-standard exam helps teachers measure classroom comprehension and gives their students the competitive edge to enter college and kickstart their careers. Affordable classroom pricing also allows teachers to offer practice tests, giving their students an advantage on the final exam.

What’s it like to be an Autodesk® Certified User?

Watch students describe their certification process: