Kinetic energy: yo-yo design


What do yo-yos and roller coasters have in common? Let's find out.

Your mission: Design a yo-yo.
The basics:
Energy: The capacity to do work. In physics, work occurs when a force moves an object though a distance. Work is defined by the mathematical calculation of W = F · x. (W= work, where F is the applied force and x is the distance moved or the displacement.) Energy is classified under two major categories, potential energy and kinetic energy.
Kinetic energy: The energy possessed by a body in motion. It is calculated as one-half the mass of the body times the square of its speed.
Potential energy: Stored energy, such as the energy stored chemically in a battery, the gravitational energy due to the position of a body such as roller coaster car at the top of the drop, the energy stored in a spring, or the energy stored in molecular bonds.
Got that? Good. Get started  

To make a great yo-yo, consider the following critical design criteria:

  • Purpose: design a simple yo-yo as a way of demonstrating potential and kinetic energy
  • Target market: everyone
  • Size limitations: maximum 3-inch diameter
  • Materials to be used: wood, metal, and plastic

Gather your materials

Software: Do you already have 123D® Design? If yes, you can skip this step. If no, download and install the software first.
Design Files: Be sure to download the 123D® Design starter files.
Guides: This final package includes the step-by-step videos that will show you how to bring your design to life. Download video tutorials or watch them online.
Share design files: Download Autodesk 360 to share, edit, and view design files with your teacher and classmates. Includes 5GB of free cloud storage.

Getting to a successful design

Learn more about your mission.

Make your yo-yo

Are you ready to put physics into action? Follow the guides you downloaded in step 2, or watch them online to design your yo-yo. When you are done, share your design in the showcase.
Learn more about Potential and Kinetic energy.
Kinetic Energy: yo-yo Design
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Level: Beginner
Time: 1-5 hours