Rocket Model: Friction

by Autodesk Education

This project was created by Autodesk Education in collaboration with educators and designers.
Field: STEAM
Level: beginner
Time: 1-5 hours
Tools: Autodesk 123D Design
Tags: physics  3D Printing  science  Autodesk 123D  maker  forces and motion  4-H 

Think like an engineer: Design a rocket to the moon

Missions to the moon help scientists understand how gravitational forces affect life on earth, from tides to energy consumption. But rockets face a major challenge on their way to the moon: friction. In this engineering challenge, you can design a rocket with an aerodynamic shape and surface to minimize friction drag, and maximize stability and fuel efficiency.

Get creative with design in class

In this classroom challenge, you’ll learn skills that engineers at NASA use every day at work: researching technical requirements, sketching 3D models, applying principles of aerodynamics, and presenting a finished 3D model rocket engineered for a successful moon mission. With creativity and critical thinking, your class will create a sleek rocket that’s ready for takeoff—and launch careers in 3D design, physics, and engineering.


Design a space rocket with 123D®.


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