Space Belt: Gravity

by Autodesk Education

This project was created by Autodesk Education in collaboration with educators and designers.
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Field: STEAM
Level: beginner
Time: 1-5 hours
Tools: Autodesk 123D Design
Tags: Autodesk 123D design  physics  engineering  maker  forces and motion  STEAM 

Think like an astronaut: Design a space belt

What goes up, must come down–except in space. Gravity is a fundamental force that pulls mass together. All mass has its own gravitational field including the mass that makes up our bodies. Technically, the mass of your body has its own gravitational field too—it’s just so small in comparison to Earth’s huge mass that you can’t easily measure it, let alone feel it. Engineers and scientists need to account for different gravity scenarios when designing devices that will leave Earth.

Get creative with design in class

In this project, students develop a weighted belt using Autodesk® 123D® Design that would help astronauts working inside a space lab maintain their health by replicating the forces that are exerted on muscles and bones when walking and exercising on Earth. Along the way, you learn the importance of gravity in all aspects of our lives, from designing successful products and systems, to excelling at sports, to environmental sustainability, to harnessing the effects of gravitational pull.


Design a space belt for astronauts living in zero gravity.


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